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Futures - investing in commodities and currencies

Fio banka offers the option to trade in term contracts - futures on the American derivative exchanges (e.g. Chicago Mercantile Exchange, New York Futures Exchange, etc.). Do you want to share in the increase in prices for fuels or are you interested in investing in gold? No problem. Oil, gold, electricity and steel, copper, corn and wheat are among the commodities that have become favorites in investors' portfolios and more than enough has already been written about them in the media. Investments in commodities, indexes and foreign currencies are all possible using futures contracts. Futures contract prices for oil, gold, wheat and soy can be monitored at www.akcie.cz.

What are futures contracts?

Futures are a special form of forward contract. A forward contract is concluded at one moment in time for the delivery of a commodity at some point in the future for a price defined at contract conclusion.

  • Futures are leveraged derivatives - trading involves the use of a specific deposit (margin) to secure the position.
  • Futures represent the right and an obligation to complete a trade within a specific deadline (buy or sell) using the price valid on the current day.
  • By closing a counter-position within the valid term of the futures contract, this right is sold as a vast majority of trades are completed before the term of the futures contract expires.
  • Futures contracts are standardized - for example a contract is 1,000 barrels of oil.

How to start trading with futures contracts?


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