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Legal disclaimers

This disclaimer contains the terms and conditions of use (hereinafter only "conditions") for the websites www.fio.cz , www.fio.pl , www.fio.sk , www.fio.hu, www.fiobroker.hu, www.e-broker.cz , www.fio-zalozna.cz , www.fio.co.hu , www.etf.cz (hereinafter only "websites"). We hereby request that all those who are not familiar with these conditions become so familiarized before starting any use of these pages. By using the websites you provide your consent to these conditions.

  • The websites are operated by RM-S FINANCE, s.r.o. (hereinafter only "operator"), which is a member of the Fio Financial Group along with all of the other entities mentioned below (along with the operator hereinafter only "Fio Financial Group"):
  • Fio banka, a.s. - a securities broker with a valid license from the Czech National Bank

Copyrights and trademarks

Entities within the Fio Financial Group retain all copyrights and other rights to use and protect all websites and their contents, understood as articles, news, prospectuses, contracts, pricelists and other materials (hereinafter only "materials"), as well as trademarks unless otherwise stated. The information published on these websites is exclusively intended for the personal use of the users and any use for any other purposes including any additional reproduction, transmission, copying or other processing or any changes made thereto without the prior consent of the operator is expressly forbidden.

Privacy and personal data processing information

Some features of this site and services for its users require user registration. A part of the registration is granting of consent to your personal data processing within the meaning of generally binding legal regulations, especially the Act no. 101/2000 Coll., on the protection of personal data (as amended) of the company RM-S FINANCE, s.r.o., IČ 62915240, se sídlem V Celnici 1028/10, 117 21 Praha 1 (hereinafter referred to as "the Controller"), namely:

 a) in the scope of the name and surname, e-mail address, telephone number, birth number or, where applicable, ID and place of residence;

b) for the purposes of the marketing and business activities of the Controller; including the dissemination of business communications relating to its products or services or, where applicable, products and services of companies forming part of the same group as the Controller, including through the e-mail address mentioned;

c) for the period of use of the products and services of the Controller (until the registration is canceled).

I am aware of the fact that this consent to data storage and processing - granted in accordance with generally binding legal regulations - is voluntary and that I can withdraw my consent at any time. Revocation of consent must be made in writing to the Controller. Furthermore, I acknowledge that an active user account is subject to granting of consent and its continuation and that in case of withdrawal of consent the Controller is hereby authorized to cancel my user account.

Also, I am aware that, throughout the period of processing of personal data I have access to them, the right to amend them and, where I believe that the processing of personal data is inconsistent with the protection of privacy and personal life or inconsistent with the generally binding legal regulations, I may ask the Controller for an explanation and to remedy the issue.

Obtained personal information may be disclosed only to the officials authorized by the Controller, the companies forming a group with the Controller, the competent state authorities and persons who have a legal right to require the Controller to disclose this information.

Personal data are processed in an automated manner and manually while observing all the safety rules for the management and processing of personal data. The processing in particular includes data storage in the database of the Controller, active use of the data when communicating with the Data Subject and granting access to data to authorized persons.

Warning of the risks of investing in investment instruments

There is a constant and ever-present risk connected to fluctuating values when investing in investment instruments (e.g. securities and derivatives) and funds invested into such investment instruments can increase or decrease with equal likelihood. Rates, foreign exchange rates, prices, yields, returns, performance and other investment instrument parameters can change, either rising or falling. Returns on funds invested into investment instruments are not guaranteed in any way. Investors who invest into investment instruments are always exposed to the risk of a loss inherent in all such investments. Any rates, prices, yields, returns, performance or other parameters achieved by individual investment instruments in the past cannot in any case be considered a guarantee for any future rates, prices, yields, returns, performance or other parameters of these investment instruments. The provision of investment services by a securities broker cannot be considered any form of collective investing, any a deposit into a financial institution or any form of insurance or annuity insurance. In no way can the information shown on these websites related to any financial market or capital market regulator or any guarantee system (e.g. the securities broker’s Guarantee Fund) be interpreted as a guarantee of any returns on any investment services or any returns on investments in any investment instrument or that such regulators recommend such investments.

The Fio Financial Group recommends that all of its investors consult their investment aims and decisions with professional staff before making any decisions.


We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website.

Information about scope and the purpose of processing cookies

What are cookies?

Cookie is a small text file made up of letters and digits sent from a website to a user´s web browser. It enables the website to record about your visit, preferred language and other settings. Your next visit of websites may be easier and more productive. Cookies are important. Browsing the web would be much more difficult without them.

Cookies are used for a variety of purposes. We use them, for example, to store your settings, to select relevant ads or to track the number of visitors to the site.

How we use cookies?

In addition to our own cookies (first-party cookies), we use in some cases also third-party cookies that enable us to better understand and to improve the effectiveness of our advertising primarily on the website of Fio banka or on the websites of third parties. In case of third-party cookies are cookies administrated on their side.

On these websites we use tools and services provided by Google, Inc. and Seznam.cz, as, especially Google Tag Manager, Sklik, Google Universal Analytics and Google AdWords, including remarketing / retargeting and overviews on demographics and interests of users.

In regards to the above, websites use different types of cookies and by species varies the extent of their processing, either through temporary cookies that are stored on your computer only to the end of browsing the site, or through permanent cookies, which remain stored on your computer for a long period of time.

Gathering of the information is used to improve our services, especially for marketing purposes, editing of web pages and adapting their operations in a way so they can suit the best to the interests and needs of site visitors and to enable the full, functional and without problem use of our websites, including third-party services.

Google Universal Analytics

These sites use Google Universal Analytics provided by Google, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as "Google"). Google Universal Analytics uses "cookies", which are text files stored in your computer, enabling an analysis of the method of use of the site by users.

Google will use this information for the purpose of evaluating the use of website and for creating reports on its activity intended for the operator and for providing other services relating to the activities on the site and to the use the Internet at all. Google may also provide this information to third parties, if required by law or if such third parties process the information for Google.

Detailed information about Google Analytics and information about the processing of personal data by Google can be found here: https://www.google.com/intl/cs/policies/privacy/

Change settings / reject consent

If you want to adjust individual preferences or if you want to subsequently revoke the previously granted consent, make the adjustment in the cookie settings.If you reject your consent to the processing of cookies, we will stop using these cookies. However, cookies remain stored in your internet browser. You can delete them at any time (for example, by clearing your browser history).

Under the links below you can find information on how to remove cookies in the most common web browsers (for information provided under various links, as well as for possible amendments to those links we are not responsible):

Mozilla Firefox: https://support.mozilla.org

Google Chorme: https://support.google.com

Opera Software: http://help.opera.com/

List of cookies used on the website

Name: forceNormal
Type: Essential
Duration: 100 days
Purpose: Stores information about the browser type and helps redirect the user to the correct type of site (standard site vs. mobile site).

Name: webLng
Type: Essential
Duration: 30 days
Purpose: Stores information about the preferred language mutation of the website.

Type: Essential
Duration: For the duration of the visit
Purpose: A generic identifier used to maintain a given session between the browser and the server.

Name: nette-browser
Type: Essential
Duration: For the duration of the visit
Purpose: A generic identifier for the Nette framework used to monitor a given session between the browser and the server.

Name: cc_cookie
Type: Essential
Duration: up to 1 year
Purpose: Stores information about cookie bar settings.

Name: _ga
Type: Analytical
Duration: 2 years
Purpose: Google Analytics main cookie. Enables the service to recognize individual website visitors. Each _ga file is unique to a specific site or application, so it cannot be used to track a user across unrelated sites.

 Name: _gat
Type: Analytical
Time: 1 minute
Purpose: Google Analytics auxiliary cookie. It enables the monitoring and optimization of website operation, thanks to which the speed and frequency of requests to the server can be limited, thus preventing problems with the movement of visitors on the page.

Name: _gid
Type: Analytical
Duration: 24 hours
Purpose: Auxiliary Google device ID cookie. Collects browser and device information.

Data source

Information about the data source can be found here.

Liability waiver

All materials located on these websites are to be used exclusively for information purposes and appropriate due diligence was used and exercised during their creation. The previous sentence does not apply to the materials published on the websites in compliance with contracts concluded between Fio Financial Group entities and their clients. Information published on the websites cannot be, with the exception of those explicitly marked as such, considered to be any form of legal, tax or investment recommendations, analysis or proposals and offers to purchase or sell investment instruments. Investment recommendations that are marked as such only serve as informational materials and the Fio Financial Group in no case is responsible for any damages the arise in connection with such materials. The Fio Financial Group reserves the right to change and of the materials published on the websites without prior notice.

The Fio Financial Group is not responsible for the accuracy, completeness and current nature of the contents of the websites, is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that arise in connection with the connection to and the use of the websites and their contents and is also not responsible for any damages that occur due to their complete or partial lack of functionality or the inability to connect to the websites. The use of any information about the websites is intended exclusively for the consideration of users with the user responsible for such consideration.

Final provisions

The Fio Financial Group is not responsible for the accuracy of translated materials on the websites despite its best efforts to translate such materials.

The conditions are valid and in force on the date of their publication on the websites. If you do not agree with these conditions, please leave these websites and refrain from using them in the future.


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