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How much does stock trading cost?

Fio banka fees for securities trading for clients are set up so that they are not a large burden on their investment plan. In comparison with investing in stocks using open mutual funds, trading directly on the stock market is around ten times less expensive.

Compared with competitors, Fio banka has maintained fees at the lowest level over the long-term.

  • The fee is usually charged as a percentage of the volume of the trade and depends on the specific stock exchange.
  • EasyClick orders on the RM-SYSTEM Stock Exchange are the best in terms of fees for trades in the range of tens of thousands of CZK. The fee is 0.29% of the traded volume and is capped at CZK 3,400 (market fee included).
  • The best option in terms of cost is to use e-Broker for placing orders, try out the fee calculator.
  • You can find the complete Pricelist here.


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