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Are you still thinking about how to start investing? Would you like to learn how online investing works and then to find out just how successfully you can earn returns on your money? Test out the e-Broker internet application risk-free with our free trial. Your demo account will be created after completing a short registration form located on the page below.

  • Login access and instructions will be sent to your email.
  • You will receive a password in SMS format to your mobile phone.
  • The account will be functional for a period of 30 days.
  • The demo account can be used to try all functions with the exception of real buy and sell orders with various parameters.
  • The demo version can be used to enter fictive "Market" orders (e.g. orders without Limit Prices) to manage your test portfolio and to buy and sell stocks as you want.


Find out just how easy it is to work with the e-Broker application. Check to see just how quick and reliable this application works on your computer and with your connection and security settings. Carefully consider the advanced e-Broker functions when making your investment decisions and learn how best to use them. We recommend starting from:

  • Searching for individual securities and
  • Setting up your own portfolio,

How to find a title

To quickly find a stock, use the fields on the left side of the e-Broker application named "Find Stock" and "Go To Stock". Enter the name of the company in the "Find Stock" field or a portion of the name and start the search by clicking the Go! button. If you know the symbol for the security (i.e. ticker), enter it into the "Go To Stock" field and confirm by clicking "Go!".

How to set up your own portfolio

After your first login, your portfolio contains the stocks of companies that are currently in the sample Portfio portfolio. You can "add" more stock or "sell" any quantity of the selected stocks. Open the portfolio by clicking on the "Portfolio" link on the upper navigation bar and select the "Status" subpage. To "buy" a security, use the buy icon, to "sell" use the sell icon, the same as in the real version for contracted clients. Enter the quantity into the order to be traded and leave all other parameters unchanged. Once sent the order is immediately completed for the price that could be realized on the market at that moment. This fictive operation has the nature of a deposit on or withdrawal from the portfolio for the price corresponding to the situation on the market.

Set up an e-Broker demo account:

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Login | Create demo


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