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Personal Broker

A select team of experienced brokers is available to you for consultations concerning continuous care for the development of your portfolio. Once your broker gains your trust in personal meetings, the broker starts monitoring your investments on the same day while matching the best of the current opportunities to buy and sell to match your investment goals. Your personal broker cannot complete any transaction on his or her own. If a good opportunity is found, you will be contacted, the given transaction will be justified to you and it will then be up to you to complete the transaction or not. The personal broker service is based on the following principles:

Personal broker - professional investment support and monitoring of client investments!

  • Fio offers its experienced brokers as a service to customers who continuously exercise professional care regarding client investments.
  • The client retains control over every single transaction.
  • For personal broker services Fio receives a share of a client's returns.

How does it work?

Investing uses the client's standard trading account. A client expresses consent to conclude a transaction by placing a standard order (most frequently over the phone) after receiving prior advice from his or her personal broker. The client is provided with a specially adapted e-Broker application that allows the client to review the investment portfolio but not to place electronic orders. The client does not have to worry that any unwanted transaction could be placed electronically. The client regularly receives an account statement including a graph showing the returns on the portfolio and a brief description of every completed transaction since the previous statement.

Conditions and procedure for receiving the service

  • Minimum portfolio value to receive the personal broker service is CZK 4 million .
  • The price for the service is 20% of the investor's returns. The exact calculation is as follows: the value of stock in Czech Koruna and the account balance using market prices and currencies as of 31 December of the given year - the value of stock in Czech Koruna and the account balance using market prices and currencies as of 1 January of the given year - cash deposits and securities placed in the portfolio during the current year valued in Czech Koruna at market price and currencies as of the deposited day + cash withdrawals including all paid dividends and securities removed from the portfolio during the year valued in Czech Koruna at market price and currencies as of the withdrawal date. Standard transaction fees are deducted from the client's account continuously so they decrease the amount by which the client's account appreciates during the year. During the year, Fio can determine a deposit and deduct it from the client's account based in the calculation above.
  • Before agreeing on the service, a client meets with the future personal broker in order to make personal contact with the broker and to define an investment strategy based on the client's individual needs.
  • This meeting can be arranged over the phone or in person at a Fio branch


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