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Payment terminals and payment gateway

Do you want to accept payment cards in your brick and mortar or online store? Take advantage of our payment terminals or gateway. Payment cards acceptance will increase the prestige of your store and simplify your customers shopping experience.

You will also have all your business money under one roof on favorable terms.



Fio banka offers up to 10 monthly withdrawals from its ATM network absolutely free of charge.

Payment terminals

Payment terminals (also POS terminals, e.g. "point-of-sale") will allow you to accept Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic and Maestro payment cards in your store.

Why accept payment cards in your store

  • Improvement of the shopping experience for your customers
  • Increase of turnover, number of purchases and the value of an average purchase
  • Better security - reducing the risk of accepting false bank notes, lower volume of cash in store, lower risk of money theft or loss
  • An easy pairing with Fio Business Account, which is free of charge and conditions

Advantages of our payment terminalsPOS terminál Fio banky

  • Completely free terminal rental
  • Low rates tailored to the merchant
  • Free assistance with terminal installation
  • A detailed overview of payments in Internetbanking
  • Export to CSV
  • Fast settlement of transactions
  • Technical support 24/7 (+420 222 212 168)
  • Free business bank account

Portable payment terminals are also available

  • GPRS connectivity
  • Great for restaurants, taxi services, etc.


Payment gateway

The payment gateway will allow customers of your online store to pay conveniently by Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, MasterCard Electronic and Maestro cards.

Why have a payment gateway in your online store

  • A greater percentage of completed orders
  • Your customers pay easily and fast with a card
  • Increase of the prestige of your e-shop
  • An easy pairing with Fio Business Account, which is free of charge and conditions

Benefits of our payment gateway

  • Operation of the payment gateway is freePlatební brána Fio banky
  • Low transaction fees
  • Easy implementation of the gateway
  • A detailed overview of payments in Internetbanking
  • 24/7 technical support (SIASK_Payeezy@sia.eu)
  • Payment gateway in Czech and English
  • 3D Secure transaction security
  • Responsive design – viewable on mobile phone or tablet
  • Business bank account - free
  • Solutions for Java, PHP, .NET


How to get a payment terminal and gateway?

Do you have a business account with us and want to take advantage of a payment terminal or payment gateway?

  1. You can simply request a payment terminal or gateway online in your Internetbanking section + New Product / Payment Terminal and Payment Gateway.
  2. Then we will prepare a draft of the agreement with tailor made conditions right for you. You will need to sign the agreement at one of our branches.
  3. Within a few business days from execution of the agreement you will receive a payment terminal or data for payment gateway implementation at your address.


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