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Fio banka as the first on the Czech market provided its clients with an account with no fees and a smart banking application specially developed for smartphones and tablets - Smartbanking. Thanks this application you have access to information on the balance of your finances and the ability to actively manage your funds truly anywhere and everywhere at absolutely no charge.

Thanks to Smartbankng you can use your phone to check on your account balance and transaction history and place payment orders within the Czech Republic and in Slovakia for for free or at good rates to other countries in the Eurozone; you can also review messages from the bank, change payment card setting, find the closest branch or ATM machine.

Smartbanking Advantages

  • Fast, modern and easy access to your finances from anywhere
  • Easy to control - native applications for iOS and Android
  • The information section is available to everyone without logging in
  • Ability to control Fio banka payment cards
  • Free transactions within the Czech Republic and Slovakia
  • Installing and using the Smartbanking application is FREE

Smartbanking activation

The new Smartbanking is for mobile devices with iOS and Android.

  • Download and install Fio Smartbanking from App Store or from Google Play.
  • Run the application and click on "Pair Phone" on the start screen. Short tutorial will be displayed on how to create a QR code or numerical code for device activation in Internet Banking.
  • On this page, above the section "Procedure", click on "Add Device". Select a device name and a mode in the form. After filling in, confirm with the "Send" button and authorize the order for activation of Smartbanking.
  • After successful authorization, QR code or a numeric activation code will be displayed. In the application, click on "Scan a QR code", or you can select "Write off a Code" and add it manually. Choose an application login password and authorization PIN for authorization of payments. Of course, you can also use biometric login.


Safety Warning for Users of the Android Operating System:

  • Please use the links shown on this site to download the application.
  • Check to ensure that you are downloading the actual application created by Fio banka (make sure Fio banka is the application developer).
  • Fio banka does not recommend downloading the application from any alternative markets or websites.

Supported operating systems:

  • iOS 11.0 (and higher)
  • Android 6 (and higher)

Technical support:

  • e-mail: podpora@fio.cz
  • telefon: +420 224 346 392

Do you want to use the application but aren't yet a Fio banka client? Visit any one of our more than 80 Fio branches or apply for an account on-line.


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