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New Smartbanking for iOS

The new mobile application designed (yet) for iPhone users offers a simple and clear design that is optimized for the latest phones and meets the security requirements of modern times. Of course there is logging or authorization of transactions using a fingerprint / Touch ID.

News in Fio Smartbanking

  • new modern design
  • dashboard that you can customize according to your needs
  • reading QR codes from gallery or iCloud
  • managing standing orders or setting up direct debits
  • you can use the Pay Me feature to create your own QR codes
  • possibility to enter a notice of withdrawal at the cash register
  • overview of planned and unpaid payments
  • view and download regular account statements

With our application you can perform almost all operations as in classic Internetbanking. And, of course, we plan to add more features like searching or setting up more products via mobile.

  • Fio Smartbanking will work on iOS 11 and higher. You can download it in the official App Store.

How to activate Smartbanking

Smartbanking activation will start on your mobile phone (pair the phone), then connect it with Internetbanking (fill in device name, authorize, generate QR code) and finish again on your phone (scan QR code), where you set all security login data (password, PIN, TouchID, or FaceID). The whole activation will not take more than a few minutes.


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