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Fio konto savings account

Fio konto is a special saving account that has no renewal term and offers better interest rates. As opposed to a standard current account, Fio Konto cannot be used for SIPO payments or direct debit payments while funds can be transferred to a single external account, which can be selected electronically.

: 0,05 %

Benefits of Fio konto

  • Account opening, management, cancelling - free
  • Internetbanking - free
  • Smart phone application Smartbanking for iOS, Android, Windows phone
  • Minimum account balance - CZK 100
  • Account management with Internetbanking - free
  • Czech debits and credits - free
  • Czech and Slovak credits and debits - free
  • Contactless MasterCard Debit Contactless payment card - free
  • Up to 5 withdrawals from other ATM per month thanks to active card usage
  • Standing orders - free
  • Cash withdrawals and deposits at branches (above CZK 1,000) - free
  • Deposit insurance

How to open a Fio konto account?

Current clients

  • In your Internetbanking (next to Search field) choose +New Product / Fio Konto
  • At any of our branches

New clients

How to become a client - more information here.


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