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Business loans

Fio banka has focused over the long-term on providing financing for the business activities of entities in the Czech Republic and Slovakia - we have more than a decade of experience and a wide range of loan products for financing operations, investments and projects.

A real individual financial solution!

Characteristics of Fio banka loans

  • Loans from CZK 3 million with usual repayment terms of 1 to 8 years (or longer on agreement).
  • Real estate collateral is preferred, as an add-on can be accepted for liability with credit claims, movable property, or various guarantees or securities guarantee.
  • The loan origination fee is defined individually.
  • The interest rate is tied to the PRIBOR or EURIBOR interest rates.


  • No loan, account or payment fees
  • Interest is calculated on a daily basis
  • No penalties for early repayment
  • Fast approval process. Individual approach

How to get a business loan?

Please contact our loan staff:

  • phone:              +420 224 342 001

                              +420 224 342 716                                    

                              +420 224 346 163

Please provide the following information:

  • Requested amount and loan term
  • Subject of the loan purchase
  • Source of loan repayment funds (for an investment loan please place a business plan)
  • Loan collateral

If you are interested in loan of less than 3 million CZK, apply for our overdraft.

Types of business loans:

Operational financing

Do you need money for the regular operation of your company - i.e. operating capital?

Do you have a lot of receivables from various entities but you are missing necessary funds because of the long payment terms on the invoices to your customers? Maybe you are suffering from the extremely short payment terms on invoices from your suppliers? Do you want to improve your cashflow? Take advantage of the wide range of our operational financing products to help you avoid any cashflow problems.

Investment financing

Do you want to expand your business activities or do you have a new business plan?

We would be happy to support your investment project and to help successfully develop your business. Take advantage of the option to use financing for current and fixed assets as you need - e.g. to develop real estate, purchase machinery, equipment and vehicles or modern technology, thanks to which you will remain a few steps ahead of your competitors.

Development project financing

The real estate market offers long-term potential for business opportunities and is based on both residential real estate and real estate for companies

looking for a new home for their business activities. Are you planning on constructing residential or commercial property for its future sale or rent? The completion of development projects requires the experience of a strong and stable project financing partner. Submit your development project to us and receive financing from a professional with experience in the field!

Refinancing liabilities

Are you no longer satisfied with your current loan or loans that you have to pay to various financing institutions and are you thinking about a change?

Do you think that you are paying too much or would you prefer to consolidate your loans into a single loan? Forget about traditional and inflexible banks, contact us with some basic information related to your current liabilities and we will be happy to provide you with our conditions for providing you with refinancing services. Stabilize your financial situation!

Agricultural financing

Fio in cooperation with the PGRLF offers financing for agriculture with great terms.

We provide loans within all PGRLF support programs for agriculture and processors that allow eligible entities to use interest subsidies and guarantees for selected loans. Fio banka loans can be used to finance the purchase of agricultural equipment and land or for operating agricultural businesses with a flexible approach and suitable terms.

Open loans secured with real estate

"Real estate equity" products.

If you need cash that will not be tied to a specific project or a predefined purpose, you can draw funds on the equity of a sufficiently collateralized real estate property. This allows you to discretely finance your activities without the need to publicize your goals or prove the manner in which funds are used. We prefer residential property in this case.

Bankruptcy purchases

This loan product is intended for situation where new management enters into a company.

The main benefit for the company is the new orders brought by the new managers. Fio can finance the buy out of a competitor, supplier or customer (acquisition) by a smaller company as well as purchases where a management team is formed to takeover a specific company, usually a company that has been cleared of debts through bankruptcy.

Individual loans

Maybe none of these loans are what you meet.

We offer you the option to finance your project or needs under individually developed conditions based on the given transaction. Individual loans are controlled by the same rules as all other Fio business loans in terms of amounts, collateral, etc. Interest rates are adapted to reflect the risk of the given transaction.


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