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Overdraft facility

Arrange an overdraft facility and add a financial reserve to your personal account. Thanks to an overdraft facility you can overdraw your account any time you need. You are free to use the borrowed money any way you see fit.

You can add a financial reserve for anything! You can also choose from a broad range of rates.

Advantages of an overdraft facility

  • Use funds anytime you need them
  • You are free to use the funds as you see fit
  • Only pay interest on the funds you borrow
  • We can provide you from 5 000 up to CZK 6 000 000 or 200 to EUR 220 000
  • To accounts in CZK and EUR
  • With a current or business account

Select the best Tariff

Do you need to borrow money for an extended period of time or only once in a while during the year? Select a tariff just for you:

Choose Tariff 1 if you need to use the overdraft facility for an extended period of time. There is a higher fee for arranging and restoring the facility but the actual funds are subject to the lowest possible interest rate.

If you will only use the overdraft once in a while then Tariff 2 is the best for you. The amount you use is subject to a slightly higher interest rate but arranging and restoring the overdraft is subject to a much lower fee.

Are you looking for an overdraft but don't plan on using often or ever? Then select Tariff 3. There are no fees for arranging or restoring the overdraft and you can even get an interest discount!

Overdraft interest rates in CZK

Annual interestDelivery feeMin. delivery
Tariff 110,30 %4,00 %100
Tariff 216,30 %1,00 %100
Tariff 318,90 %0,00 %0

Overdraft interest rates in EUR

Annual interestDelivery feeMin. delivery
Tariff 19,50 %4,00 %10
Tariff 215,50 %1,00 %10
Tariff 318,90 %0,00 %0

Discount without obstructions

We'll provide you with a discount on Tariff 3 without obstructions! We'll lower your interest rate by 2 % if you comply with your overdraft facility agreement after the first year of its use. We'll lower your interest rate by another 2 % if you continue to comply with the conditions of the agreement in the next year. In total we can lower your interest rate by up to 4 % automatically and without any unnecessary obstructions!

Clients who have used an overdraft facility at Fio banka for at least a year and those who have used an overdraft facility with similar parameters at another bank for at least a year are eligible for this interest rate discount.


How to get an overdraft facility

If you already have a Fio current or business account to which you regularly receive income (e.g. sales, salary, a pension, etc.) you can request an overdraft facility at any branch or online in Internetbanking (+New product) or Smartbanking (My Fio > +New product).

Assignment to a natural person is required to provide a loan to a legal entity.

We'll review your request in a matter of days and then inform you of the results. You will then sign the overdraft facility agreement at any branch.

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We'll establish an overdraft facility for you


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