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German Stocks

Trading of German stocks is organized on a number of local exchanges, i.e. Frankfurt, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Hannover, Munich and Stuttgart. Trading is either on the floor or electronically using the XETRA electronic trading system. Stock prices on German markets can be found and monitored in overview tables and graphs at www.akcie.cz.

XETRA electronic trading system

Fio banka as the first Czech member in history of the XETRA electronic trading system offers the fastest and least expensive trading on the German market in the Czech Republic.

The Fio banka fee for trading on the XETRA stock exchange is 0.15% of the trade volume, or at least €9.95.

  • Settlement on the XETRA Stock Exchange is at time T+2 (two working days).
  • Online trading takes place from 09:00 to 17:30.
  • XETRA is an electronic exchange that offers trading of German stocks as well as stocks of other prominent American and European companies.
  • The Xetra system is highly liquid and is for both professional investors trading in large volumes and smaller clients who trade through a member.
  • The XETRA market is divided into segments and individual securities are classified by quality and liquidity and can be grouped by home country (e.g. the Xetra US Stars segment). The highest quality securities are traded in the DAX and MDAX segments.
  • XETRA includes a segment specialised for trading with modern investment instruments - index stocks, certificates and others.

Structure of fees

A single fee is charged for trading on the German market including brokerage services, settlement of the trade on the market and statutory body deductions. A separate fee is charged for placing an order that is not placed using e-Broker. The amount of the fee depends on the financial volume of the trade.

  • Place orders for free using the e-Broker application.
  • The minimum fee for a trade is €9.95.
  • Find the complete Pricelist for services here.

Example fee calculation

FWB legislation (Frankfurt Stock Exchange)

Trading rules, smart instructions, technical conditions, and other information governing trading on the Xetra electronic system in Germany (here are the FWB rules) can be found here.

How to become a Fio banka client?

How to become a client - more information here.


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