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Hungarian Stocks

The electronic trading system on the Hungarian Budapest Stock Exchange (Budapesti Értéktozsde - BET) was launched in November 1998. This system offers a stable and highly-liquid environment for trading. Trades are concluded using orders entered to the trading system meaning trades are not completed in lots. This trading system supports small client trading and the liquidity of important titles is as high as necessary to satisfy professional investors trading in large volumes.

Budapest Stock Exchange (Budapesti Értéktőzsde)

The main index is the BUX, which includes 14 liquid and fundamentally stable titles.

Structure of fees

  • A single fee including brokerage service and settlement of the trade on the market is charged for trading on the Hungarian market. All fees depend on the financial volume of the trade.
  • During the promotional phase, the fee for placing an order is HUF 0.
  • The minimum trade fee is HUF 2,000.
  • Find the complete Pricelist for services here.

BSE legislation

Trading rules, smart instructions, technical conditions and more information can be found here.

How to become a Fio banka client?

How to become a client - more information here.


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