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Topping up mobile phone credit

Are you looking to top up mobile phone credit for yourself, a family member or friend? Now you can use Fio Internetbanking to quickly and easily top up credit 24/7.

Quickly and comfortably top up credit in Internetbanking!

You can top up...

  • pre-paid TWIST cards from T-Mobile
  • pre-paid cards from virtual operators within T-Mobile network (Mobil.cz, Kaktus, etc.)
  • pre-paid cards from O2
  • pre-paid cards from virtual operators within O2 network (BleskMobil, Tesco Mobil, Gorila Mobil and Vinatel)

Advantages of topping up credit in Internetbanking

  • Service is absolutely freeT-Mobile
  • Credit is ready in minutes
  • Top up any amount from CZK 200 to 9,999 (rounded to whole CZK)
  • Simply and easily top up credit anywhere you have access to Fio Internetbanking
  • The selected phone number will receive confirmation when the credit is topped up 
  • The top up amount will be deducted from the current account you select
  • This also provides you an overview of all your pre-paid credit activity right in Internetbanking

How does it work?

To successfully top up credit, you only need the telephone number of the card you want to top up and the credit to add. Credit is topped up in few minutes after the order is sent in IB. A confirmation SMS is sent to the selected number.

How to proceed?

The services is located in Make a payment / Recharging credit section of Internetbanking. Select the current account in the window to send credit from, add the phone number to be topped up, the amount and click "Send".

  • Credit can be added from any current account in any currency.
  • An additional number can be added to receive a credit confirmation SMS.

Do you need a receipt for tax purposes?


  • Call T-Mobile Customer Service at 603 603 603 (4603 in the T-Mobile network) with the system code from the confirmation SMS (code is in Internetbanking, in Overviews / Movements marked as taxID in Recipient note column).
  • Any branded T-Mobile store can also provide a receipt with this code.
  • A receipt can only be provided if the transaction is successful, i.e. with SMS confirmation.


  • Receipt can be provided by any branded O2 store, after showing the system code from the confirmation SMS, which is sent after successful transaction.


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