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Security and required technical equipment

Fio Internetbanking allows its account holders to manage their accounts from any remote computer. The application is equipped with multiple-level fraud protection. Access itself is protected by a user name and password, while every transaction must be confirmed using a unique key protected by the owner's password or a single use code sent via SMS to the client's selected phone number - or both.

Application technical specification

  • The application only needs common hardware and software to operate on your computer.
  • Operating system with Java v. 1.6 or higher installed (if you decide for electronic key authorization for orders).
  • A regular web browser.
  • Internet connection.

Types of order security:

a) SMS code

If you decide for the single-use SMS code service, select the phone number the bank will use to send the SMS authorization code.
You can also during service activation select the length of the authorization code, the number of attempts you can have to enter codes into Internetbanking and the term in which the code must be entered into the form. Other information about SMS authorization can be found in the FAQ section

b) Electronic key

If you decide for an electronic key, the signature application must be started before you start Internetbanking, which you will use to create your unique electronic signature. The Fio signature application uses Java and is not restricted to any operating system. The use of Java Web Start technology ensures that the current version of the application will be used at all times and that you will not have to download the entire application at every start up. Signature keys can be generated before contract signature but this still requires a single visit to a branch. A manual for starting and controlling the Fio signature application can be found here.

c) Combination of electronic key and SMS code

You can also select combined security using order authorization featuring both security measures at the same time, or using only one of them according to the current choice.

d) PIN or biometrics (fingerprint, face detection) in the mobile application

If you have Smartbanking version 2.2.3. for Android and 2.3.1 for iOS (or higher), you can authorize orders submitted from Internetbanking easily in your mobile application. After submitting order, so-called push notification will appear on your phone, which will transfer you to Smartbanking. Log in to it, check the details of the payment or order and click to confirm. If you are already logged in to Smartbanking, you don´t have to wait for push notification, your order waiting for authorization will be displayed immediately.

You can change the selected authorization method at any time. You can also change your electronic key or SMS code settings at any time.



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