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Internet payments

Internet offers you several options how to make a payment. You can pay directly by your payment card with your card number and CVV code, or you can use payment gate.

Payment gateway allows you to realize online payment through your Internetbanking. It redirects you to Internetbanking, where you will see completely filled payment order just ready to authorize via SMS code. Paying by payment card is fast, simple and safe.

Benefits of Payment gateway

  • Simplicity - no need to open new accounts or remember new passwords, simply use your existing bank account and your Internetbanking service.
  • Security - payments are completed in your Internetbanking application and communication between the e-shop and Fio banka is encrypted using security certificates.
  • Speed and price - payment through payment gateway is done online and is free of charge.

How does online payment work?

1. When confirming an e-shop order, select the payment method as "Payment gateway - GoPay or PayU" and select Fio banka from the list of banks.
2. Once the order is confirmed by the e-shop, you will be redirected to your Internetbanking.
3. Once you sign in to Internetbanking, you will be presented with a pre-filled payment order (data from your order including the account number of the shop and the variable symbol are entered automatically).
4. After you confirm the payment order, you are redirected back to the shop where you will receive information about the status of the payment of your order.

Tips for e-shops

Do you operate an e-shop and are you interested in offering your customers simple online payments?

Take advantage of integration with Fio banka payment gateway. With it you will achieve a higher percentage of completed orders and increase the prestige of your e-shop. Integration of the payment gateway is completely free.



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