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What does Fio Internetbanking do?

Fio Internetbanking offers a wide range of modern functionality. An overview is provided below.

Displaying and customizing information

  • Statements of accounts or sub-accounts.
  • Balances on accounts or sub-accounts to a specific date, electronic statements.
  • Unlimited transaction history for accounts and sub-accounts.
  • Payment order history including order status.
  • Template set up
  • Parameters of accounts and sub-accounts, filters
  • Overview of actions completed on the account
  • Application settings (first page following login, password change, graphic keyboard, etc.)
  • Ability to send questions using the application (Fio service)
  • Settings for alerts, providing account information based on your settings
  • FIO SMARTBANKING mobile application activation.
  • Setting the method of transaction authorization (mobile application / SMS code).

Fio was the first financial institution in the Czech Republic to offer internet banking to the public in 1998.

Financial operations

  • Domestic and foreign single payment orders
  • Standing payment orders
  • Set up / change / cancel a standing order, direct debit order, direct debit consent for another account or SIPO payments
  • Topping up mobile phone credit
  • Place / change / cancel a regular notice to a deposit
  • Change the manner of crediting interest, available interest and available account or sub-account balance after cancellation
  • Recalling payment orders before they come due
  • Online payments through Payment gateway

Negotiating new products

  • Accounts (current account, Fio konto, Fio savings account, time deposit with renewal)
  • Switching from another bank (Mobility Code)
  • Payment cards (for the account holder and another person)
  • Card insurance (travel insurance, loss and theft insurance)
  • Loans (overdraft, credit card, instalment loan)
  • Payment terminal and payment gateway
  • Investing (mutual funds or direct stock trading)

Tips for businesses

  • Secure automated retrieval of account data (more about Fio API Banking below)
  • Multiple signature option

Fio API Banking

FIO API Banking is the name of an automated communication interface, which allows you to get data from Fio banka accounts. This API (Application Programming Interface) can be used not only for connection of accounting programs, but also for automatic machine processing of account transaction or automatic machine processing of bank statements from the banking system. All communication between the bank and the remote computer is secured by SSL protocol with at least 128-bit encryption. To download the data you do not need to be logged in to the Internetbanking, the response to a request for data from the banking system is obtained via a defined interface, which is accessed through a URL.


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